why use freedom cruise travel to book your cruise?


Founding Partner Mark Washo former Strategic Market Manager East Coast for Celebrity Cruises

Founding partner Mark Washo was a Strategic Market Manager for Celebrity Cruises, working directly for the brand !

Co Partner Wendy Washo worked for the International Business Association

Along with being an avid traveler, sailing on several Celebrity Cruises, Wendy also worked in the travel industry with the IBTA

The "Royal Family" of cruises provides options for every style of cruising

Modern Luxury, Luxury OR casual cruises, the Royal brands have you all covered! the Royal family of cruises also provides incredible destinations such as Bermuda, Caribbean, Europe, Australia, Alaska (with land Cruise Tours) and even the Galapagos!

Sift the the "promotions clutter"

But I can just search cruises online myself!  Good luck and have fun, we will help you break through the clutter of all the crazy promotions, offers and deals to find the best one for you , your friends and family!

We are industry "insiders" and will consult with you to find the best cruising options!

Let us take out the hassle and stress so you can relax and enjoy your Cruise!

Contact us now- we are here to consult with you!

Contact us at  mwasho@freedomsande.com